A little description of how this site is developed.


The content on this site is marked up with HTML5. During development, aesthetics are handled by Compass and are crushed into tiny bits of CSS by Grunt when I command the source code to be built.

When publishing, Jekyll makes sure the it all goes smoothly.

If you really want to, you can build this site for yourself. Grab the source code from GitHub. Build instructions are available.


This site uses the following fonts: Karla, Roboto Condensed, Sanchez


The site is designed to work across all major desktop and mobile browsers. The site is designed to adapt to it’s available features so it is intentional the layout will differ between varying resolution devices such as mobiles to desktop monitors. There are no serious reasons why the site wouldn’t work on older browsers too but anything pre IE7 has not been tested.

If you find any restricting issues around compatibility with the software you are using to browse the site, please let email me, with any screenshots and/or steps to reproduce the problem and I’ll be sure to fix any issues.